Wednesday, 8 February 2017

A walk to Barangaroo

I got up late this morning and made some coffee before going back into the bedroom and putting water in the iron. I plugged it in and got eight clothes hangers from the closet, then set up the ironing board and adjusted it. I ironed eight shirts in about half an hour, then went back out to the living room and sat down at the computer. I engaged in social media for a while then got up and took a bag and went out. I went to the sandwich shop and put in an order for a chicken schnitzel roll with tomato, lettuce and onion. I paid then went next door to the convenience store to buy two litres of milk.

When I got back home I ate the roll and felt a bit more whole; I had had little food last night and was hungry. I then wrote a poem and republished one of the other ones I had written over the previous few days, with an edited title. Today's poem was about going to the psychiatrist's office every two weeks. I went to bed and had a nap then got up and poured a glass of win a little before the girl sent me a message on the mobile. I could sense that she wanted me to do something, and I turned out to be right. She wanted me to come out for a walk to Barangaroo, so I put on my shoes and got my umbrella - just in case it started raining again; we have had such a lot of rain over the past two days - and set out up the street. I went across the Pyrmont Bridge and then went downstairs using the escalators of an adjacent shopping complex.

I waited downstairs for about 20 minutes before she arrived, and then we set off north. We got to the end of the developed area and I thought she wanted to go to the park, but it turned out she just wanted to see the buildings with all their employees. It was by this time just on 5pm and everyone was coming out of the buildings on their way home. The streets were crowded with commuters heading across the bridge over Hickson Road to Wynyard Station. We headed back down to the south end of Darling Harbour and stopped at a restaurant where we shared a plate of lamb shanks with potato. I also had a Stella Artois beer. Then we headed further down, into Chinatown, and went to a little hole-in-the-wall restaurant where we shared a bowl of noodles and a plate of dumplings.

When we had finished eating we headed across to the Paddy's Markets side of the light rail tracks. I could see a train coming down the line, and headed off, but when I got into the train she called me on my mobile to ask if I wanted to go to a movie at Event Cinemas. I said no - because I was already on the train - and went home, where I poured some more wine into my glass and sat down at the computer, turning on the TV.

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